Halfway There!

Halfway there. Gulp. I know it’s super cliche, but it really feels like yesterday that this whole journey started. My first doctor’s appointment was on September 20th and it felt like a lifetime away from September 1st when I called to make it. I assumed the appointment would come right away to confirm things, but I was wrong – they don’t want to see you until about 8 weeks.

I know there are a lot of mothers out there who were miserable during pregnancy, but I honestly have loved it so far. I’ve found it to be incredibly calming to read about other people’s symptoms and experiences during pregnancy. There’s something about reading that someone went through similar things that is calming because all any of us want is to have a “normal”, healthy pregnancy. I thought I’d share mine in case there’s others out there who are curious like me! Here’s a breakdown of some of the things I’ve experienced from week-to-week.


My Pregnancy Journal

I started journaling about our pregnancy before it even happened. My hope was to keep it up each week or two so I’d have something to look back on to remember how the whole process came about, but life is busy. I did great for a couple months and then fell off, but I wanted to share from when I started journaling to when I found out. Beware, I talk about ovulation and sore boobs and whatnot, so maybe don’t read it if you’re not into that sort of stuff. I really wish I would have kept it up because I love reading over it and remembering. I’m going to start back up again and I totally suggest doing it if you’re thinking of trying or have just become pregnant! Anyway, here it is!


My Goals for 2016

I didn’t get a lot done in 2015. Actually, I got a ton of stuff done, but just not the stuff I had planned to get done at the beginning of 2015. Getting engaged in February really threw me off. Between wedding planning, moving and doing some updates to our house, planning and taking our trip to Ireland, switching to a new job, and starting a business, I kept pretty busy. So really, even though I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, I had a pretty dang successful year and it’ll definitely go down as one of my best yet.

In early February of this year I finally nailed down my resolution list for 2015 and I left it vague for a reason: to create more and worry less. I knew I wanted to do big things and I had a lot of ideas of how to accomplish that, but I hated to make myself pick one or two things and abandon the other options. I like options. This year, though, I’ve decided to make myself choose. As you’ll soon see, I let myself have a pretty long list.


12 Things I Learned in Ireland

Yes, I do realize we got back from Ireland over three months ago. I started this list then and finally, a week away from my wedding, I’ve had a little time to finish it up.

For those who don’t know, Tyler and I left for Ireland in mid-July. We spent a week traveling just ourselves, and a week with his parents, Preston and Megan, Megan’s parents, and Megan’s brother and his wife.

These bits of info aren’t in any particular order and I kind of ramble away from the point at times, but whatev.

Moral of the story: Ireland was great and I would go back in a heartbeat. Well, if I had the money to, that is.

My Typical Day

So I’ve got this list of blog topics that I keep on my computer and whenever I get a little free time I’ll sit down and write about one. I thought this topic was fitting because what I’m doing right now fits perfectly into it because it comes down to me not having a typical day. Like, ever.

I suppose there are similarities in each day — I work out at some point and I eat a few times. But other than that, each day is completely different. AND I LOVE IT.

When I worked in Moberly I went in at 8 and left at 5 as most Americans do. I despised it. I knew from the second week of working my first “real job” at the Highway Patrol my sophomore year of college that I was not cut out for the 8-5 gig. It literally depressed me. I have mad respect for those of you who can do it and keep your sanity and the rest of your life together.


A Beginner’s Lifting Workout

So a few days ago my friend Beth posted something on my Facebook page about loving the workout I gave her and how she’s already sore, etc. I was thrilled! And also amazed at the response from people who had seen that and FB messaged or texted me for it. I had sent it to her quite awhile back and completely forgot about it, actually, but it was the workout I put together for myself when I first started lifting. I figured out the exercises I liked to do in the gym and tailored it to me — since I was just starting off, I knew I didn’t want to push myself to 5 days a week right off the bat because I would get worn out. After a few months of doing this same workout over and over, I got to the point where I was itching on Tuesdays and Thursdays to do more than just cardio, so I made a new plan and this one just sat on my phone in my “Notes” where I originally drafted it and I forgot about it. Then Beth came to me one day asking if I had anything to help her get started and I remembered this baby.



I’ve got several blog posts in the works right now but have never had the time to actually finish them even though I desperately want to. I decided to put together a quick, easy topic and get something up!

I thought I’d have a little more time after I launched my business (check it out if you haven’t! — slyfoxshirts.com) but that was a joke because I’m even busier now trying to get people to actually purchase my products and working on releasing new ones. Plus I’m getting into crunch time with wedding planning, I’m trying to finish my office at home so I can have a place to work other than the couch (where I currently spend 90% of my time and it’s staring to dip in the corner where I’m always sitting, ugh), and I’ve got my actual job which, after two weeks away on vacation, is proving to be pretty hectic… Basically what I’m saying is, I’M STRESSED OUT.

Anyway, Tyler said something to me about a month ago that got me thinking about this topic. His statement was that I am my parent’s child — and by that he means I worry about everything because at the time, I was probably telling him about something I was worrying/stressing about. (more…)

Perfect Isn’t Real

Perfect isn’t real. The first definition on dictionary.com is as follows: “Conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type.” And I just want to point out that that definition is bullshit. There is no “ideal type” — not when it comes to a life. There is no perfect life.

As I grow older I realize now more than ever that so many people dedicate so much time and energy to achieving “perfect” and I just want to grab those people by the face and scream at them, “YOU ARE WASTING YOUR LIFE.”


Update #2 (aka: The Proposal)

So I planned on posting about a topic in particular, but then I decided to just go with an update. As I mentioned in my last post, things have been a little hectic lately. I’ve been pretty slammed at work and they let go of one of our other graphic designers last week so there’s even more for me to keep up with, the weather has been nicer so I’m trying to get myself and Louie outdoors more, but the main reason it’s been hectic is because… I’M ENGAGED! Queue the “OMG, Congrats!” from everyone and their mother. Haha. (But really, thanks for the kind words, everyone!) I’d like to start by saying: Why in the good Lord’s name are weddings SO freaking expensive?! I seriously had no idea. But I’ll save that for another day.

I feel like I told the story of how it happened so many times in the first week that I could have recited it backwards. For those of you who haven’t heard it or want to hear it again or whatever, here is the exclusive extended version:


5 ways to make yourself get to the gym!

I’m a little mad at myself for taking so long to get another post up, but things have been a little hectic. I’m finally back, though!

I wanted to talk a little bit about fitness today. It is one of my greatest passions and the one thing I can continually count on to be my stress reliever. There are so many aspects of fitness I could talk about, but today I’m just going to focus on how to get yourself to the gym.. and keep it up. I have always been pretty motivated to work for things that I want in life, but sometimes it’s not easy to know how to make it happen. I’ve figured out a few ways to keep me going and I hope my methods can help you, too!